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A conversation-driven podcast that literally, figuratively, cynically and sarcastically, spotlights the “BEST" of everything from people to politics to pop culture and more. Written, hosted, and created by David Coddon and Gerald "Dex" Poindexter.

Oct 9, 2020

Dave & Dex seek serenity and simplicity. But sadly, it ain’t forthcoming, as 2020 continues its crazy, chaotic progression. That said, there’s more: topics of celebrity TMI, personal oversharing, etcetera. Plus, the return of the always popular “Music, Movies & Melania” segment.  NOTE: Recorded via...

Sep 24, 2020

Dave & Dex would like a few controversial people to simply GO AWAY. But, of course, nothing is simple these days. Plus, “Points of Pride” and the return of always popular “Infamous Last Words” segment. NOTE: Recorded via Skype. Pardon the glitches.

Sep 9, 2020

Dave & Dex are done with summer and falling into fall. Dave reveals what he loves about autumn, while Dex welcomes back a seasonal staple: NFL football. Plus, “Points of Pride” and the return of always popular “All Apologies” segment: NOTE: Recorded via Skype

Aug 28, 2020

Dave & Dex are back from hiatus and need the election to get here yesterday. We’re heaping praise and airing out grievances about politics, people, and pop culture. Plus, we debut a new segment: "Music, Movies & Melania." NOTE: Recorded remotely using Skype

Jul 30, 2020

Dave & Dex deep dive into Joe Biden’s campaign. With less than 100 days left, where’s the “Joe-mentum?” Also, uncensored thoughts on the unmasked, aspirational retail therapy, and more. Plus, the return of the always popular “Run-Hide-Fight” segment.  NOTE: Recorded remotely using Skype