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A conversation-driven podcast that literally, figuratively, cynically and sarcastically, spotlights the “BEST" of everything from people to politics to pop culture and more. Written, hosted, and created by David Coddon and Gerald "Dex" Poindexter.

Apr 19, 2019

Dave & Dex put topics on the table – from current stuff to random curiosities. Sometimes it needs to be this way: just a couple dudes with mics choppin’ it up and yukking it up. They take turns digging into the Varsity Blues scandal, the Mueller Report, music choices, bad bathroom etiquette, Democrats, Bad Bieber,...

Apr 5, 2019

Dave & Dex celebrate that spring has sprung! It’s a time of renewal and relaxation, so naturally, they’re fired up about all kinds of crazy sh*t – politics, baseball, electric scooters, Cardi B, AOC, Game of Thrones and more! Plus, the return of the cool new segment: Run-Hide-Fight.